Virtual production with augmented reality – Illusion

After more than two years of development, we are delighted to add a new service:

3D virtual reality production with Unreal Engine technology. It’s the future of video capture, opening up infinite creative possibilities.

What is Virtual Production?

This is a type of video content that integrates people or objects into interactive 3D worlds in real time. All decors are created and visualized on the spot to give the illusion of being there for real. We can interact with the environment, modify it and move within it.

Our studio was built with this 3D technology in mind, offering Quebec companies and talent the opportunity to benefit from it. We can now create worlds with custom sets and shoot efficiently, with very high quality results. We can create all kinds of environments, we just have to be creative. Before we go any further, take a look behind the scenes of a capture with artist CARACOL here: **BTS VIDEO**

Virtual and augmented reality – 3D modeling – 3D film production – Special effects – Real-time camera positioning systems – Custom decors.

The advantages of virtual production with Obvious C

  • Large éventail créatif grâce à nos outils sur mesure
  • Accessible studio with a rare technology
  • Unique, custom-designed environments and settings
  • More than 2 years of testing and usage for real needs.
  • Real-time results for the entire production team
  • Possibility of shooting in different environments on the same day

Our technology is the same as that of the big American studios...

... but allows productions to use it at lower cost than what is currently available on the market. Our aim is to make this technology more accessible. It also lets you create the environments you want. With this technology, there's no limit to our creativity.

In a single day, you can quickly find yourself in different settings and environments. This makes it easier to shoot in multiple locations. Everything can be done in the studio, with no need to travel. In the same universe, you can go from a cloudy morning to a blue-sky sunset to a rainy night – weather is finally a choice! Here are a few examples of 3D scenery.

Take a look at some of our creations

or come and visit us at the studio, see the technology and talk to us about your project.

If you have any questions, here are some answers.


No, we can control the heating in the studio… Magic !

Tell us about your project, we'd love to hear about it!