Video production in Montreal and the province of Quebec – Origine

We create videos to showcase your company, your products and your stories with a creative, thoughtful and original approach.

Advertising Production – Branded Content – Creative Corporate Production – Youth Production – Montreal Video Production – Post-Production – Quebec Video Shooting – WEB and TV Series – And much more!

We offer a turnkey service, from creation to post-production. We know how to optimize the budget to standardize and maximize every step. We work both directly with companies and with agencies. Talk to us about your project from the very beginning, so that we can provide you with the best possible support.

Obvious C, video production experts in Quebec.

Our advantages :

  • Full support and turnkey customer experience
  • Over 8 years’ experience producing all kinds of productions
  • Tailor-made team with the best talent in the industry
  • Agility and flexibility
  • Precise project management: we don’t leave anything to the unknown, everything is thought through and managed beforehand.


Management is our strength. We love the challenges that come with managing every project. We know how to work on several projects at the same time. We like everything to be thought through and managed in advance. We manage crew hiring, location management, scheduling, casting, deadlines and more.


We’ve got a ton of ideas. Do you have a project in mind? We find concepts that can make it grow and have an effective, creative and informative impact on your target audience. It’s a collaborative effort, where we take the time to fully understand your environment. We believe that authenticity will play an increasingly important role in brand credibility. Our content communicates and reveals your corporate values and what’s important for you to put forward in your productions.

We offer a turnkey service, from creation to post-production.

Shooting and production

The shoots are organized, efficient and fun. As well as being ready to go, we live every moment intensely, so that we can pass on our passion and inspire an emotion of pride. It's all the preparation we've done beforehand that allows us to enjoy the shooting so much. Our strength lies in the diversity of our projects, combining the strengths of each type of production.

Post production

Realistic schedules and finished products that live up to your expectations. Editing is a second achievement for us, and it’s a stage we’re particularly fond of. That’s when all the hard work really pays off. Each step is important to maximize the result. What’s more, we try to optimize the content we create to give you multiple declensions for your social networks and campaigns.

Sound mixing and coloring

We make your ears vibrate. The audio is as important as the image, and we take the time to work on it. And the finishing touch? The coloring supports the director’s vision.

2D and 3D animation, VFX

If there’s specific content or phrases to be conveyed, we add animation based on your brand’s colors to help explain the message. For certain concepts, we can also create fully animated videos (motion design). And why not add a touch of VFX to bring a little magic or madness to your production.

We invite you to take a look at our creations to visualize what you've just read.

If you have any questions, here are some answers.


It’s never too early to contact us. The earlier we get involved in the process, the better we can guide you through your needs.

A video production is like a house: it always depends on the size and materials. There are a number of ways to achieve it, to suit different budgets. It’s by talking to us about your budget reality that we can find the right concept for your envelope.

Tell us about your project, we'd love to hear about it!