Show – Grande Récré 2023

For the past 3 years, the Grand défi Pierre Lavoie has called on us to create the Grande récré Force 4, an end-of-year program to congratulate elementary school children for having moved all year long. It’s a 55-minute web show that blends animation, sketches and music to create a memorable moment for young people. It’s a project that takes several months to complete, and requires large, highly committed teams to achieve this magical result. We produce the project from A to Z, from conceptualization to post-production. La Grande Récré 2023 is now online, you can view it here!
We’re proud to say that La Grande Récré 2021 has even won 2 Gémeaux awards:
– Best original program or series produced for children’s digital media: entertainment/magazine
– Best script for a program or series produced for digital media: Youth.

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