Broadcasting – Ski World Cup

FREESTYLE CANADA and the International Ski Federation called on our team to handle the entire live broadcast mandate for the Freestyle Skiing and Moguls World Cups. 2 major events, one after the other, at two different ski centers, broadcast live to 17 countries.

Our mission was to cover both events to the standards of the FIS and the global satellite distributor, INFRONT SPORTS. Our aim is to impress even the most knowledgeable sports fans with our creativity and knowledge of the sport. We’re still amazed by the extraordinary success of this event, a perfect blend of international project management, technical creativity, execution and collaboration with all the relevant bodies.

In these two weeks, we have :

  • Deliver live broadcasts to 17 countries;
  • Create web memories for both events. Watch the Val Saint-Côme video;
  • Prove that you can tell a story and popularize sport, even live;
  • Bring unique angles to impress the audience. In fact, we were one of the few in Canada able to install a cable camera to follow the skiers;
  • Helping all the teams present with our technological and video expertise.


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