Caracol – Jungle Sessions

One of our most ambitious projects using Unreal Engine virtual reality technology. We captured a live performance by the wonderful artist Caracol in our Illusion studio, in a custom-designed jungle.

Our studio enables us to integrate people and objects into complete 3D universes. For artist Caracol, it was an extraordinary experience, as she was able to express her ideas through an environment that represents her. We’ve created a funky jungle complete with silver panthers, live parrots, a calm sea, a rain of fireflies and a breathtaking waterfall.

Thanks to Unreal Engine technology, we can live in the environment as if we were there in real time, right in our studio. It’s practical not only for the artist, but also for the director, cinematographer and production team. Thanks to the whole team for taking on this great challenge. The result is magical!

Watch the full Jungle Sessions video here.

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