About us

Obvious C is an agency located near Montreal, ready to collaborate with your video projects.

The road to success requires harmonious collaboration between our teams. We like to combine your product expertise with our know-how in our field. Together, we turn your ideas into reality, combining performance and satisfaction. 

Our team is made up of dynamic people who are passionate about the fusion of content and visual aesthetics. With ingenuity, technical expertise and a collaborative spirit, we lead projects and shape the images to reveal the story that will capture the hearts of a wide audience.

Always at the forefront of technology, our thirst for innovation is fueled by a variety of missions for unique and stimulating companies. The variety of our collaborations encourages us to constantly explore new horizons.

For each phase of production, we join forces with the best talents, guaranteeing an outstanding end product that meets the most demanding expectations.

Customized team

Each project is unique and requires a tailor-made team. Our major asset lies in our ability to bring together the skills best suited to your needs. We have a solid base of experts with whom we collaborate on a regular basis, but our passion for innovation drives us to constantly explore new horizons. So we can offer you the best resources for YOUR projects!

Fun & positivism

It’s essential to emphasise our desire to work in simplicity, joy and conviviality, both in our relations with our customers and within our teams.

Each project brings its own stimulating challenges, which we are delighted to overcome together. Our ambition is to make every collaboration a unique experience, characterized by trust and fun, while adding a dose of positivity to your everyday life.

The adrenalin we get from each project helps us to carry them out with energy and to the best of our abilities.

Turnkey solution

By choosing to work with us, our customers are assured of comprehensive, personalized support throughout their project. Our expertise enables us to take charge of every step of the way, from start to finish, offering tailor-made solutions.

We also know how important it is to work in synergy with our customers’ teams. That’s why we’re committed to joining forces and working closely together to maximize the potential of every project. Together, we turn your ideas into reality, combining performance and satisfaction.

Tell us about your project, we'd love to hear about it!